Tips On Bringing Your Cat To The Vet


We recommend always using a pet carrier (in good working order) to transport your feline to and from the clinic. 

On occasion there will be a loud noise or other startling event that can occur during transport.  If your cat gets scared into a “fight or flight” state of mind and is not properly contained, your cat cannot only harm you but can put itself in great danger by running away or into the street. 

*If you do not own a working pet carrier, Noah’s Ark sells reasonably priced (around $6) cardboard carriers for convenience and safety’s sake*

If possible bring your pet carrier into an area frequented by your cat at LEAST a day PRIOR to your scheduled appointment. 

Cats will often hide when they see the carrier come out of storage.  The added stress of trying to get your cat out of its hiding place and THEN into the carrier can be a tall order! 

If your cat is food-motivated you can give treats or even issue feedings in the carrier *with the door to the carrier OPEN* to try to create a positive association.

Finally, sometimes pheromones can help – Noah’s Ark uses Feliway.  Visit their website at page for more information and some other great tips for reducing your cat’s stress level.  












The original relaxi-cats Patches and Mr. Phatty Mcgee

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