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Thousands of cats and dogs go missing every year to much heartbreak and sorrow.  Let's face it, collars and ID tags come off.  Animals cannot verbalize the English language to identify themselves and where they belong.  Fortunately, there is an alternative.  Microchipping has become commonplace and, as our featured creature Lucy can attest, absolutely necessary to help ensure the safe return of our furry family members when they go astray.  Lucy's owner was kind enough to put the story in her own words:

 On June 3rd of this year, our family cat, Lucy disappeared.  We combed the neighborhood for weeks, checked with the Humane Society often, put ads in the newspaper and spread the word to the other Veterinary Clinics in Rapid City with no success. Lucy is a character, with a playful and loving personality, but she has always found a way to get into trouble.  We had assumed that she slipped into someone's out-building, but after several weeks went by, we gave up hope of ever seeing her again.  Lucy was our son's cat, and when he moved to NYC we adopted her and she became my husband's best buddy.  She even helped him collect our trash on garbage day and greeted the kids walking to Wilson School each morning.  We missed her terribly.  Then a miracle happened; the shelter called Noah's Ark one day after finding an emaciated cat that had been locked in a shed.  When they scanned the cat for a microchip, Noah's Ark popped up as having implanted the chip.  It was Lucy, reeking of urine and at about 2/3 of her normal weight.  After 5 weeks, she came home.  If she hadn't been microchipped, we never would have gotten her back.  Our oldest cat, Mabel is also chipped, and, as soon as he is old enough, our new kitten, Horatio, will be, too.  We are happy again at our house, and we no longer let the kitties go outside.  Lucy doesn't have too many lives left!

 Welcome back Lucy!!!  As Lucy's owner mentioned, the shelter scans every animal that comes through their door and most area clinics, including Noah's Ark Animal Hospital, do the same when an animal is found.  We offer the service of microchipping here at Noah's Ark.  For more information on microchipping, click here.  For another story of a reunion of a cat named Willow with her family, after 5 years and 1,800 miles click here. 

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